Sunday, October 18, 2009

iPhone Dev Camp Keynote

iPhone Dev Camp is in the process of wrapping up even now. During the course of the camp, we were all able to share some valuable lessons. Here I will share some links to some of the interesting libraries and tools that were discussed:

MonoTouch - A development environment for creating iPhone apps in C# with .net

App Vis - A place to download a visualizer for your iPhone Apps status.

Five Second Test - Interface feedback

Squeezing every drop of performance out of the iPhone - A slideshow by someone who really tried to get a smoothly operating app.

Anti-Crack - piracy prevention for your iPhone Apps

Pinch Media - I've talked about them before in this blog, but they came up a bit during the camp. A website for a great library to learn about how users are using your application.

iPhoenix Fund - A fund for developing 133 iPhone apps

I myself gave a keynote today, about Cocos2D and developing games quickly. Although I do not think it has as much value without someone speaking to it, it has been requested that I share the keynote presentation. For those interested, a link to it exists at: this link.

As I type this, those participating in the app track are finishing up development on their app. They gave a demo of what they had a couple hours ago, and it really is amazing how quickly they came up with an app idea and began to implement it. If I understand correctly, the app is actually going to be used at the Calgary Science Center.

The camp was a lot of fun and overall a large success. If you are in the Calgary area, interested in iPhone development, and missed out, I urge you to attend the next one. I will post with details in my blog about it when I know them, instead of the day before like I did this time.

Thanks again to Michael Sikorsky for organising and hosting the event!

Friday, October 16, 2009

iPhone Dev Camp

I'm a little late in posting about this, but tomorrow and Sunday are iPhone Dev Camp in Calgary.

If you are interested in iPhone Development and want to meet some of the people in Calgary who are involved with it, if you have $25 and a weekend off, if you would like to hear some Keynotes by those involved in the scene in Calgary...then come along!

Details can be found at:

I will be Keynoting on Sunday about my experience with Castle Conflict and using the Cocos2D for iPhone game engine.

In other news, Ant Attack was submitted to the App Store on Tuesday, October 13th, at about 9:30 pm, so it should hopefully be live on October 27th-28th.