Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hello, and welcome to my new blog.

I already have a personal blog, so this one is intended to be my public blog. On this blog I will discuss a myriad of different topics, all of topics that interest me - literature, programming, the game industry, music, media, life, philosophy - as they enter my head. I do not plan on updating this blog on an exceptionally regular basis, but merely when a thought enters my head that remains interesting to me at least as long as it takes to get to the computer, go to blogspot, log in, type it in, and click post. If I lose interest before that point, the though will remain forever unblogged.

What prompted me to create this blog at this point? The short answer is simple - I often feel the urge to discuss things that do not fit in my personal blog, things such as coding, game design, philosophy, etc., either because they do not fit the 'style' of my personal blog, or simply because I want to expose them to a larger audience without exposing my personal stuff as well.

So, who exactly am I? My real name is Stephen, and I am currently a game programmer. You could say, in one sense, that I have been for almost 8 years now - but that would be like saying that I have been involved in public speaking since the age of four. While I have been programming games since junior high school, I have only been doing so professionally for a little bit over a year right now.

I am currently officially working on two big game projects, but in my spare time (what little of it I have that doesn't get spent doing other things), I have a couple ideas for other small games I would like to implement in the near future. The two games I am currently working on are Gwabs ( and NaviBlast ( The two games are quite different - Gwabs is a game being developed by CambrianHouse/Sunday Labs and partners, that utilises a windows desktop as a new play environment (in very neat ways that I cannot yet reveal), while NaviBlast is a puzzle game that is being developed by Mamoruanime Studios (both the game and the studio have a potential name change on the horizon) independantly (meaning I haven't got paid yet), with the intention of getting it published on XBLA in the near future.

With that, I shall now abort this distraction and resume programming.

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