Friday, April 10, 2009

Newest Images

Current Progress:

Images speak louder than words - below are images of where the game (still untitled) currently is.

Taking the opponent by storm - Cavalry and zeppelins, in action.

A shot of the ground units in action - the woodcutters, armored knight, and foot soldier.

Bomber laying waste to whatever it can

Cannon launching a projectile against the opponent

Staying on Track?

Today was Friday, the third real day of work on the project. And at the end of the day, nearly all graphics were complete, and nearly all gameplay was complete. There are still a few areas that are going to need tweaking - the ai only knows how to use three of the units, for example, since I haven't touched it since the original prototype from last Sunday.

Main areas we have to investigate still include: interfaces (as you might be able to tell from the images, it could use a little tweaking in terms of layout), audio, and the general niceness that people expect with iPhone applications (auto-saving on quit. etc).

We are well on track to have all of this done by midnight next Wednesday. To our surprise, we may even be able to finish sooner, if we are able to maintain our pace from the past three days.

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