Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Castle Conflict is on sale in the app store as of today. (May 12, 2009)

How it will do in the future is a mystery. I will be promoting it over the next couple of days, and hopefully it will grow from there. It could be anything from a rousing success to a huge disappointment. Only time will tell.

Like Firemint games, who recently released the sales data for Flight Control, I am not going to be keeping any secrets about the success of the app. While I am not intending to do a full on pdf report (unless maybe if things go really well), advertising techniques and sales numbers will not be kept a secret (if so, it is only because there is nothing interesting to report).

Here's to hoping!

Up to date screenshots:


richtaur said...

I bought Castle Conflict and beat it on hard. Very fun! I also enjoyed reading about the making of it, good stuff.

Emmanuel said...

This is awesome !
Me (artist) has been searching for coders quite some time now, and I am pretty proud to see what You two came up with in such a short time !!!
Awesomeness !!!

Verious said...

Congratulations on completing Castle Conflict! Alas, I do not have an iPhone, but it has been interesting following the development of the game.

Ruben said...

Top 50! Great job guys ;D