Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Population Control Teaser

Population Control is an interesting project. I actually started it while still in college, as my final project for my artificial intelligence class. It quickly became my favorite project from college, and during the day where we introduce ourselves to industry, I had it running on my computer the entire time to show off.

I always had fun tinkering with it, and most people I've shown it to think that it is actually a game that could make money. Of course, people I know are biased in my favour, so that doesn't make them right - but I loved the game idea enough, and had enough fun playing it, so I decided to give it a shot.

This project has become a joint collaboration with Robots and Pencils, a small company run by the same guy I helped teach iPhone Dev School with recently, Michael Sikorsky, as well as his wife, Camille, who is doing the art.

This is what the game looked like originally, when I programmed it in college, complete with programmer art. You may even recognise the sheep from this game as being what I selected as my avatar on blogspot. While the game may have been solid, it definitely lacked the art necessary to crack it in todays market. Luckily, Camille seems to be a genius at making animals cute, and what we currently have looks something like the screenshots below:

We are hoping to have the game at a state where we can begin a distributor hunt very soon. Hopefully in that time, I will have a chance to discuss some of the behind the scenes details of the game in this blog.


Dette said...

Sheep sheep sheeepppiiiiies!

Jonathan said...

Would it be possible for me to buy all of your artwork?

Milan Mosse said...

I call dibs

Thùy Liên said...

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